Dear Conan,

Man, I’m sorry about all this crap that’s been going around with NBC. They’re just interested in dollars and cents. It’s pretty badass that you’re not going to let them bump you back to 12:30 just to make their ratings better and their affiliates happy. Corporate d-bags. I’ve always preferred you over Leno.

I was thinking of a cool way to wrap up your show this Friday. It’s your final Tonight Show and you need to go out with a bang. I hear you have some really great guests and bits lined up but you still need a music act. You’ve always had amazing musical guests on the show, so with that standard in mind, here’s what I’m thinking…

Start out by having Neil Young play a song. Neil ROCKS his acoustic and harmonica. After Neil bangs out a tune, its time for a major jam session with an all-star musician lineup. Ok, imagine Will Ferrel dressed as a strung-out, aged hippie on lead-vocals, Max Weinberg on drums, Ben Harper on slide-guitar, Beck on rhythm guitar, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top shredding blues solos, and you strapping on a beautiful Les Paul guitar and strumming away and jamming to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”. Thats right, FREE BIRD!! What a perfect way to end your reign as The Tonight Show host.

Screw NBC and rock out in style! Thank you for making us laugh for years and staying true to who you are. That’s rock and roll man.


Zach Pino

Music Fan


Conan O’Brien ripping a solo to “Free Bird” on his last show with these legendary musical icons is probably the most badass way of signing off air. My jaw literally dropped when I watched this.

Inspired by Conan’s finale, here are some songs I recommend for this week:

Neil Young, “Heart of Gold,” from his classic album, Harvest. James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt are on backing vocals. Amazing song.

Beck, “Gamma Ray,” from his latest release, Modern Guilt.

Ben Harper, “Forever,” from Welcome to the Cruel World. Really chill tune. For the ladies.

ZZ Top, “Sharp Dressed Man,” from Live in Texas. I want their beards.