Creed sucks. Creed sucked in 2000 and they continue to suck in 2010. I apologize to any passionate fans who worship the Scott Stapp clan, but Creed represents what is wrong with modern hard rock music today.

I’m not a huge purist that condemns any band that manages to be successful, but most of the radio-friendly “hard rock” music over the past 10 years has been a diluted concoction of uninspiring lyrics, formulaic song structures and over-polished music production. Bands like Creed, 3 Doors Down, and especially the joke of a band that is Nickelback pollute the airwaves and prevent quality music from being heard by the masses.

Alas, I’m ranting. This is just a reality that I have to live with. I realize that the complex instrumentation and experimental nature of the music I love isn’t for everyone. It just seems to me that for every popular band that gets mainstream success there is a plethora of less popular bands that have much better musicians, songwriters, and performers.

Record companies and media outlets tell us what to like, what is cool, what is fashionable. It’s their job to do that because they want to sell their products. Creed and Nickelback sell records. Good for them…I just find their music absent of anything creative. If you like them, thats cool. To each his own. I could go into exhausting opinionated detail about why certain bands suck and don’t deserve to be successful, but I don’t want to spread the hate. Music isn’t about hate.

My suggestion is for people to expand their musical tastes and explore other artists in the realm of the music they like. Pandora Radio is a great way to get into new music. It’s basically a huge database of music and you can create your own stations based on what your tastes are. Type in a genre or artist that you like and the website will create a station that plays songs based on similar musical aspects.

Recommended songs for the week:

Doves, “Winter Hill” from 2009 album Kingdom of Rust. Doves are a great Brit-rock band. Think of a mix between Radiohead and Coldplay.

Pantera- Walk” from 1992 album Vulgar Display of Power. Awesome groove, very tight band with unrelenting energy. Try working out to Pantera. Trust me.

Alice in Chains- “Man in the Box” from their 1990 album Facelift. Straight up gritty guitars and amazing singing from Layne Staley. THIS is hard rock.

Jeff Buckley- “So Real” from his 1994 album Grace. Jeff is awesome.