Well now,

It has certainly been a long time since I’ve updated this blog thing. So much time has passed that I decided to rework the content of this blog and shift its focus. Having graduated, I am no longer in the writing classes that inspired this blog and longer feel the need to try to tailor each of my posts to a general audience with widely differing tastes and opinions on music. My previous attempts to get people excited about the music I love (specifically metal) fell short because personal taste is tough to sway. This blog will now focus on the formation and progress of my new band, as well as a few album reviews (BLS Order of the Black coming very soon!) and song links

Since graduation, the untitled band consisting of myself and the awesome axe-slinger Taso Comanescu have split with the original drummer and bass player. We disbanded amicably, and Taso and I are now embarking on the myriad tasks involved with solidifying a band with a focused sound and image. We are moving into an apartment near USC with the great AJ Minette of The Human Abstract. Confident in our inspiration and living situation, we plan on finding the musicians that will contribute to our vision. The next few months should yield a solid demo, band name, and a full band lineup.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this blog will become a place for fans or people curious about the band to check out what’s going on with our progress. In the meantime, go out and buy the new Black Label Society album, Order of the Black!!!!

Until next time,