I wrote this short review as a writing sample for a website. I’m posting it because you all need to check out Philip Sayce. Amazing guitarist.

Blues Sensation Philip Sayce @ Molly Malone’s Pub

August 17th 2010

Energetic is the best word to describe Philip Sayce’s live show. From the moment his three-piece band took the stage, an infectious and continuous surge of energy swarmed over the crowd. Akin to the popular Stevie Ray Vaughan sound, Sayce’s blend of power blues, funk, and rock pleased the diverse crowd. Sayce’s powerful rhythm section, bassist Joel Gottschalk and drummer Chris Jago, performed with a high level of musicianship and effortlessly got the crowd cheering for more.

Sayce is a passionate singer with a dynamic and soulful vocal range. His music organically flows with catchy pop-hooks and choruses, with most songs ending up as extended jams. Guitar-wise, Phil is a fantastic lead player. His ability to wail on his worn Fender Stratocaster allowed him to unpretentiously walk off the stage, into the audience, and solo for several minutes, outside of the shine of the stage lights. Despite his short set, Philip Sayce gave a stunning performance that left the audience thirsty for more blues.

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub was an ideal venue for this performance. The stage lies in a separate room from the main bar, allowing patrons to either enjoy the bar atmosphere or watch the show. The pub’s brick walls, adorned with rock and roll memorabilia, create the perfect atmosphere for watching live music. With a beer in hand, anyone who attends Molly Malone’s for a live show is sure to enjoy the pub’s casual aesthetics. With the cheap admission price for the show, Molly Malone’s delivered another outstanding night of live music.