Sooo, yeah, I haven’t exactly updated this thing in quite some time, mostly because I’ve been having the great fortune of writing for some fantastic music sites. So as you grow hungrier for more Pino’s Playlist, here’s a bunch of articles I’ve written to tide you over:

Check out my guitar lessons on Guitar – an extremely quality website with a large collection of lessons, reviews and interviews.

Also, check out my weekly music news blog, It’s the End of the Week as We Know It, I get to write whatever I want. And I do.

Plus, check out this classical guitar feature, I wrote for UG several months ago – 5 Veteran Classical Guitarists Every Guitarist Must Know. Arguably some of the greatest classical guitarists of our time.

And lastly, you can read the tour blog I managed while on the road with The Human Abstract on the Fall 2011 “Frak the Gods” tour. First experience touring the country – fookin’ incredible.

So I’ll leave you with all that good stuff. Check back every now and then for more music drivel.

-Your Friendly Pinographer