Dear Whoever Cares,

I’m a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. I is college edgeucated. In this blog, I will post anything related to music that I feel inspired to write about. My goal is to get readers excited about music and open their ears to different genres and artists. You can expect to find updates about my rock band, album reviews, industry news, and perhaps the occasional rant about the sorry state of popular music today.

PS. I don’t actually update this thing often – more lucrative writing gigs have been occupying my time. Yet, there will surely be some posts here in the future. Feel free to email me at, follow me on Twitter, and check out my weekly blog, It’s The End of the Week As We Know It, on


Zach Pino (aka. Pinography, Pinoplasm, Pinot Grigiot…you get the idea)

Writing away while enjoying the splendor of merch hocking on tour with The Human Abstract - 2011