I’ve been feeling nostalgic today. I love music’s magical ability to transport one back in time and trigger memories like audible photographs. I want to ask my fellow readers: what are some songs or artists that evoke nostalgia? What kind of memories do certain songs elicit?

Personally, hearing certain artists bring me back to a specific age or phase in life. When I hear The Beatles, I am 8 years old, jumping on my bed with an air guitar. When I hear Nirvana, I’m an awkward high school freshman with a horrible haircut.

Today, an Ozzy Osbourne song came on random as I was driving through Las Virgenes. Hearing the song brought back a pleasant memory of my dad driving me to school when I was 13, with the song playing on the car stereo. At the time, I had just discovered Randy Rhoads, Ozzy’s first guitarist after leaving Black Sabbath. I had just started to play guitar so my dad bought me Ozzy’s first solo record, Blizzard of Ozz. I’ll admit that a good deal of Ozzy’s music is badass, but the majority of Blizzard is really cheesy and embarrassingly 80’s. Despite it’s corny factor, my dad seemed to think Ozzy was cool, so I was excited about it. I like to keep all my old music on my iPod, even if I don’t usually listen to it anymore. I’m a music pack rat simply for nice flashbacks like this.

The power to conjure up old memories is yet another aspect of music that’s awesome. I’m curious to hear what kind of music brings you guys back in time.

Here are some nostalgic picks for the week:

Ozzy Osbourne- “Goodbye to Romance“, from Blizzard of Ozz. This is the song that played in my car today. I’m pretty sure this is Ozzy’s first attempt at a “power ballad.” It’s cheesy, but I like the nostalgia it brings. The guitar solo by Randy Rhoads is sick though.

The Decemberists- “The Engine Driver“- from Picaresque. This was from my “indie” phase during my senior year of high school. The band I was in at the time thought these guys were genius and we pretty much ripped off their indie-folk style. They have some really great songs though, mainly through their story-telling approach to their lyrics.

Weezer- “Tired of Sex“- from Pinkerton. Early Weezer defined my early teens. Cool jam, very rough. If anyone is considering purchasing a Weezer record, go with the old stuff.